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Financial Assistance

At the Sierra Vista Community Health Care Center, no one will be denied access to services due to an inability to pay. For this reason, financial assistance for medical care is available. You may qualify for discounted primary care medical services from Sierra Vista Community Health Center if you cannot afford your co-pay, if you do not have insurance, or are underinsured

We have a few programs available to assist you.

  1. Medicaid Program
  2. Indigent Program
  3. SVH Charity Care Program
  4. Payment Plan
  5. Sliding Fee Scale

Application forms for each of these programs are available at the bottom of this page.

For more information about financial assistance contact the Financial Counselor at 575-743-1240 or email


You may apply for Medicaid at the Income Support Division at 102 W. Barton Ave. Truth or Consequences, NM 87901, or you may ask the hospital’s Financial Counselor for help to assist you in applying and submitting your application to the ISD office.

Please provide SVH with the Medicaid Approval letter. After you receive your medicaid card, you must bring it to all appointments.

Please provide SVH with the denial letter and apply for the Indigent program.

Indigent Care

Indigent Care is a county program that assists residents of Sierra County in obtaining health care. You may take your completed, signed, and notarized application with supporting documents to the Financial Counselor at Sierra Vista Hospital or deliver them directly to Larita Engle, Indigent Clerk, at 1712 N. Date, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901.

Provide SVH with your Indigent Approval letter. NOTE: Indigent status is good for one year.

Provide SVH with the Denial Letter and apply for Charity.

Charity Care

To apply, you must be first be denied Medicaid, or your outstanding balances must be outside of the Medicaid approval dates. You must also be denied or be unqualified for Indigent Care to apply for Charity Care.

To Qualify for Charity Care Program, you must fill out a Charity Care application, available as a download below, and provide all requested documentation. The program is based on Federal Register for Poverty Table guidelines. A determination will be made, and you will be notified of approval or denial. Your Charity discount may range from 25% to 100%.

Provide SVH with the Denial Letter and apply for Charity.

Provide SVH with the Denial Letter and apply for Charity.

Payment Plan

Make an appointment with the financial counselor to set up payment arrangements.

Balances must be paid within 12 months. If payments are not received as stipulated and no other arrangements have been made, payment plan shall be in breach and the entire balance will be due and payable on demand. If full payment is not received within 30 days of the breach, the account will be turned over to a collection agency and the responsible party will have to deal directly with the collection agency.

Sliding Fee Discount Program

The Sliding Fee Discount Program allows anyone who either has no health insurance or is under-insured to receive healthcare services at a lower cost. Sliding Fee Scale ONLY APPLIES TO CLINIC VISITS. Services performed outside of the clinic — including labs, radiology, and other such services — are not included in this discount.

Eligibility is based on your monthly income and the number of people you claim on your annual income tax report. If your income falls within the guidelines, you may be eligible for assistance under this program. If you are approved, discounts are valid for one year. Applicants are required to re-apply when their financial situation changes. The Sliding Fee Scale is reviewed in accordance with the fiscal accounting year.

1. Download an application below, or request an application from the front desk, registration desks, or the Financial Counselor.
2. Return the completed application with all requested documentation.
3. If your income falls within the guidelines you will receive a discounted fee.