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Internal and External postings of all positions is open to both qualified employees and outside applicants. If you would like additional information about any of the positions listed here, please contact Human Resources at ext. 230. Sierra Vista Hospital offers competitive wages, a generous Paid Time Off package, and health benefits with the State of NM. E.O.E. M/F/D/V


18601 -EMT – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 08/11/2022) Responsible for the assessment and basic management of medical, trauma, and environmental emergencies under the supervision of on or off-line medical control.  Assists with patient care based on individual patient need within the scope of practice under the direct supervision of appropriate licensed personnel.

65501 – Security Guard – 1 PRN Position (open date 08/02/2022) Protects the life and property of all persons on hospital premises and patrols hospital buildings and grounds to prevent fire, theft, and vandalism.  Secures unlocks and protects hospital buildings.  Responds to security needs of hospital personnel, patients, and visitors.  Participates in performance improvement activities.

28001 – Nursing House Supervisor – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 07/26/2022) The Nursing House Supervisor provides support for multiple departments, and is responsible for promoting and maintaining quality patient care through effective management of activities of total patient care services during his/her assigned shift. Addresses patient care, staffing, and other issues that may arise during the assigned shifts. The nursing house supervisor will supervise nurses and staff and take administrative responsibilities and ensures adequate staffing for the oncoming shift. Handles occurrences during the shift, ensuring appropriate investigation, documentation, and communication.  The house supervisor will determine issues that should be immediately escalated to the administrator on call. Collaborates with patients, family members, and providers to ensure needs are met and problems are resolved.  In the absence of the Administrator and/or designee, the Nursing House Supervisor has the authority and responsibility for administrative decisions and appropriate notification of the Administrator-on-Call.

71202 – Director of Plant Operations – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 7/22/2022) The SVH Director of Plant OPS is responsible for the direction and management of facilities to ensure that the buildings, grounds, and facility equipment are maintained in optimum operating condition to create a safe, comfortable, clean, attractive, healing environment for the care of patients. The director should meet and strive to exceed regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with state, federal, and CMS conditions of participation.

71401 – Housekeeper – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 7/15/2022) Cleans all areas of the hospital according to policies and procedures.  Participates in organizational performance improvement (OPI) activities. Reports to the Housekeeping Supervisor.

 07002 – Coffee Shop Barista1 Full-Time Position (open date 6/27/2022) Under the direct supervision of the Dietary Manager, the Coffee Shop Barista makes sure that all supplies needed to make drinks are always on hand to meet the daily demands of their work environment. They maintain an inventory log and place orders with the Dietary Manager as needed. They wipe down counters and clean and maintain equipment, keep preparation tools in order, and sweep and mop behind the counter and in the serving area as needed. They also follow food safety and sanitation guidelines while preparing and serving drinks and food.

07001 – Cook-Aide – 1 Part-Time Position (open date 06/22/2022) Under the supervision of the Nutritional Services Manager/Supervisor, the Cook-Aide performs a variety of food services, including serving food to employees and visitors. Also, is responsible for the clean‑up and stocking of the cafeteria and food preparation areas.

80001 – Registration Clerk – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 6/21/2022) Serves patients and the community by completing patient registration by providing information regarding the registration and eligibility process; receiving, verifying, and entering data. Serves visitors by greeting, welcoming, and directing them; notifying personnel of visitor’s arrival or incoming phone call; maintains security and telecommunication system.

95303 – Licensed Clinical Social Worker – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 6/3/2022) Responsible for consultation and direction of social services in the SVH Behavioral Health Clinic. Provides comprehensive diagnosis and assessment of persons with co-occurring disorders. Provides resources and therapy to individuals, couples, and families using best-practice, research-based strategies, and acts as a liaison between patients, the outpatient clinic, hospital, outside agencies, and the community. Conducts casework services and counseling and recommends functions necessary to ensure overall operational viability. Maintains performance improvement activities and participates in OPI activities.

04001 – Radiologic Technologist – 2 PRN Positions (open date 05/27/2022) Has knowledge and can perform a variety of imaging procedures and is responsible for patient safety protocols. Functions as the first line interface with customers in the successful accomplishment of their imaging needs. Participates in OPI activities.

74101 – Maintenance Technician – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 5/25/2022) Assists in the performance of duties necessary to keep the physical structure and associated equipment of the hospital in good repair. Minor electrical work, mechanical repairs, and other duties relating to maintenance are the primary duties. Participates in performance improvement and OPI activities.

95305 – Central Scheduler – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 05/24/2022) Responsible for scheduling patient appointments for all outpatient services of the facility. Records statistics as requested. Performs other secretarial/clerical duties as needed. Obtain, monitor, and track patient authorizations. Answers all clinic calls and takes messages as appropriate.

03001 – Medical Technologist – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 5/9/2022) Responsible for the processing of laboratory specimens and reporting of results in all areas of the clinical laboratory. Maintains laboratory records. Follows laboratory policies and procedures; maintains quality control practices in the Laboratory.

85201 – Quality/Risk Manager, RN – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 04/21/2022)

Quality Management:  Responsible for planning and implementing the performance improvement program to meet the needs of the hospital. Provides education to medical staff, hospital staff, and Governing Bodies. Facilitates performance improvement activities and CQI activities throughout the hospital. Acts as a resource person to the administrative team, department managers, and medical staff.

Risk Manager:  Responsible for clinical identification, risk evaluation, and coordination of corrective action implementation related to risk issues. Provides intervention and education related to risk management issues to promote safe work practices and quality care and services in an environment that is beneficial to the safety, health, and well-being of all patients, visitors, and hospital staff.

51301 – Pharmacist – 1 PRN Position (open date 03/29/2022) Interprets physician prescriptions and medication orders. Acts as a drug information resource to patients, medical staff, nursing staff, and ancillary department personnel. Compounds and dispenses prescribed medications and other pharmaceuticals for patient care by performing the related duties.

95302- Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner – 1 Full-Time Position (open date 02/23/2022)                         A Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner (BHNP) is an advanced practice registered nurse who has acquired appropriate training to provide mental healthcare services to individuals, including adults, children, and families with drug abuse problems, psychiatric disorders, or organic brain disorders focusing on health maintenance, disease prevention, patient education, and counseling.

10201 – Unit Clerk/C.N.A.  –  2 Full-Time Positions (open date 7/23/2021) Provides indirect patient care in the medical surgical setting. Meets the communication needs of the patient/family, departmental staff, and medical staff. Prepares and compiles records in the Medical Surgical Unit. Initiates directions from physicians and nursing staff. Participates in performance improvement activities. Maintains regulatory agency requirements, nursing and hospital policies, procedures, and standards.

C.N.A. – Functions as a member of the health care team in providing delegated basic nursing care and unique skills to pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients, depending on the unit assigned, under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse or LPN Team Leader.

18510201) Registered Nurses (RNs) – Full-time and PRN Day and night positions Med/Surg and ED. Provides direct and indirect patient care in the ambulatory care setting. Provides care that reflects initiative, flexibility, and responsibility indicative of professional expectation with a minimum of supervision. Determines priorities of care based on physical and psychosocial needs, as well as factors influencing patient flow through the system. Communicates with physicians about changes in patient’s status, symptomatology, and results of diagnostic studies. Can respond quickly and accurately to changes in condition or response to treatment.


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