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New! Sleep Studies

Did you know there are over 84 sleep disorders? Sleep disorders can affect the quality of your sleep and can lead to other health issues.

  • More than 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems.
  • Sleep disorders are associated with weight gain and often hinder weight loss.
  • Sleep disorders play a major role in high blood pressure, heart disease and poor control of diabetes.
  • A third of attention deficit disorders are the consequences of sleep disorders.

Sleep disorders cause many troubling symptoms that can affect one’s mood, energy level, and overall health. Unfortunately, sleep disorders are notoriously under-diagnosed because they often develop gradually over time and have symptoms that are difficult to recognize.

Common sleep disorders include snoring and sleep-related breathing (sleep apnea), narcolepsy and hypersomnias (excessive sleep), insomnia, nighttime sleep behaviors, restless leg syndrome, and periodic limb movements.

Accurate diagnosis is necessary to enable effective treatment for sleep disorders. A sleep study provides valuable insight into the causes of a person’s symptoms including which, if any, sleep disorder is present.

Sleep studies are also used in people diagnosed with sleep disorders to monitor their response to treatment.

If you think you might be suffering from any of these symptoms, contact your Sierra Vista Provider about a referral for a sleep study.

Sierra Vista Hospital Sleep Center now offers Sleep Studies