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Your Trusted Health Care Provider

Sierra Vista Hospital, a rural community-owned hospital, is dedicated to being a leader in the community by providing a broad continuum of compassionate medical care services for Sierra County residents and visitors.

RFP Information


The RFP process is governed under the State Procurement Code. It relates to the professional service aspect provided by independent contractors. It is the policy of SVH to follow the guidelines set forth by the State of New Mexico Procurement Code for Request for Proposal’s (NMSA 13-1-125B, 13-1-66.1, 13-1-91, 13-1-117, 13-1-120).

Services between $20,000.00 and 60,000.00 require three (3) quotes. Based on the quotes, the contractor may be granted a contract for one (1) year.

Services costing more than $60,000.00 are required to go through the RFP process to initiate formal competitive sealed proposals.

An RFP packet is produced and will, at a minimum, contain the following:

  • Project Information
  • Purpose of the Request for Proposals
  • Scope of Work
  • Scope of Procurement
  • Procurement Officer
  • Definition of Terminology
  • Conditions Governing the Procurement
  • Sequence of Events
  • Evaluation Process
  • General Requirements/Information
  • Response Format and Organization
  • Number of Responses/Copies
  • Proposal Format
  • Evaluation
  • Evaluation Criteria

Legal notice must be advertised in the newspaper for a minimum of ten (10) consecutive days. Newspapers deemed appropriate for advertising in New Mexico for the Sierra County area include:

  • Albuquerque Publishing Company (Journal)
  • Las Cruces Sun News
  • El Paso Tribune
  • Herald
  • Sierra County Sentinel

It is recommended that one (1) major newspaper and the local newspapers are utilized. The proposals received must have the date and time received on the outside of the packet. Receipt of Proposal Form is filled out by the person who accepts the proposal.  Proposal packets are kept sealed until after the deadline date and time.

An evaluation committee will evaluate each proposal based upon the evaluation factors given. The evaluation committee will award the RFP based on criteria stated in the RFP. Notification is sent to all Offeror’s upon final decision.

Current RFP(s) in process:
Contact: Ming Huang, RFP Procurement Officer
Phone: 575-743-1212
Fax: 575-894-7659
E-Mail: ming.huang@svhnm.org